The year’s literary titles

I thought it would be interesting to study the covers of the debut literary titles this year. I’ll give a shout to the three African writers on this list, Helen Oyeyemi, Teju Cole, who both are of Nigerian Descent, and Dinaw Minegetsu, who’s of Ethiopian descent. And surprise, surprise Larry McMurty, yep that one who wrote Lonesome Dove, is releasing something this year. I had had the impression that he was old and dead already.

Best Cover? The Man who Walked Away. The telescopic arrangement draws your eye.

Terrible looking Covers in my humble opinion:

Harlequin’s Million’s. Oh look my twelve-year-old wrote a book.

The Corpse Exhibition and other stories. Might good on hardback, but looks boring on an ebook cover.

One more thing. The cover artist must have been on vacation that week.

Can’t and Won’t. Forget the cover artist. I can haz type.

Faces in the Crowd. Adding a posted note doesn’t make the non descript picture of a subway interior more interesting.

Pushkin Hills. What could be more exciting than an empty chair and table in the middle of a field? And the icky orange  for the font?

Nine rabbits. The cover artist was on pot that week.

An Unnecessary Woman. Looks like an ad for a used book.

Which covers do you like best?  Which covers do you like the least?

Don’t forget to click on the covers to see the book descriptions on Amazon.

the antiquarianharlequins millions summer house with swimming poolthe great glass sea the man who walked away the wives of los alamos the divorce papers i am having so much fun here without you what is visible the visitors in paradise boy snow bird praying drunk all the light we cannot see the musuem of extraordinary things the possibilities the sun and other stars the spinning heart worst person ever the corpse exhibition the last kind woods saloon the unamerican stories redeployment everyday is for the thief kinder than solitude the quick wynne's war all our names bark one more thing frog music to rise again at a decent hour three by echenoz the good luck of right now a replacement life four friends the book of jonah snow in may hyde wonderland
inappropriate behaviorin the course of human events pushkin hills faces in the crowd thunderstruck and other stories close your eyes hold handsamerican innovations can't and won't the snow queen the bees the girls of august karate chop song of the shank an unnecessary woman all the rage 413IG2ug3HL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ nine rabbitssworn virgin acts of god

Don’t forget to click on the covers to see the book descriptions on Amazon.