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Love and Go

Love and Go

Love and Go

Also on Smashwords, Kobo, Google Play, BN, ITunes.

Luke Collier knows too well he’s damaged. His mom never failed to remind him of his childhood psychopathic act until the day she died. And three months later, he is stoned in guilt and grief.

Luke wants out of his pain, and when Hao Chen-Li, a Go game genius and self-styled Mandarin Asshole pushes him to take his Go lessons, life seems to be looking up. Hao’s grouchy and pushy, but his gregarious manner manages to warm Luke’s heart. Then their easy bond becomes an unstoppable attraction.

Luke can’t risk it, as he knows too well his dysfunction. A simple bond is good enough. But simple isn’t so easy as Luke struggles to overcome his ghosts and see the way through to love. What will prevail for the troubled Luke: love’s power to destroy or love’s power to heal? Also on SmashwordsKobo, Google Play, BN, ITunes.

Desert Harvest


Read here, the bounty of the Desert Harvest, a YA drama about a teenage girl fighting to keep her family intact. Also on FREE on SmashwordsKobo, Google Play, BN, Itunes.

Teenage Millie has more than teenage problems at her desert ranch. Her mother walks out on the family, and her taciturn father is no help in the family crisis. Hurt and lonely, Millie singlehandedly takes on the task of caring for her two emotional siblings. But when her father’s friends demand a heavy payment for an old debt, Millie finds herself doubting everything she ever believed in, her family, her faith, her sanity… She must fight and keep the family whole, or personal oblivion will consume her.

The Cross and the Black-Episode One

.A  paranormal drama set in Renaissance France. Smashwords, Kobo, Google Play, BN, ITunes

Here is a map of Toulouse dated from 1631. Also here is its legend.  It’s hard to see the names of places and streets on this map, so I simply had to make do with it.  There are a few things to note.  The Protestant temples did not exist in 1584.  The Huguenots had fled Toulouse after the St Bartholomew’s  day massacre and only began to trickle back into Toulouse after the Edict of Nantes was passed in 1598.  Also the Pont Neuf did not exist in 1584; well if it did exist it would have been incomplete.A collection of fantastical short stories for your perusal:



Birds of Fortune and Other Stories


A collection of fantastical short stories for your perusal: SmashwordsKoboBN, ITunes, Google Play.

Vignettes on love, pigeons, and death, especially death. A lady divided in an existential quandary; there is a gun somewhere. A little boy and his ghost bird friend try to find a way home and intact. A physicist and her serial killer boyfriend. Two grannies outdoing each other over a magical purse.

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