The physicist and the Serial Killer.

Here’s a silly poem for you, ma peeps!

Here lies Zebedee Yamilla,
a particle physicist of intrepid renown.
Her cosmic love for Attaboy Jack,
reviled collector of nipples and noses,
proved her end in this cold, cold ground.
Valiantly she sought to prove his innocence,
insanity by reason of neutrino-compactified neurons she said.
But the many-bodied sneers of the physicist legate derided,
and the hours amongst water-cerenkov detectors scintillated no light.
Alas her spirit became renormalized in despair.
Nothing revealed of wily neutrinos or dimpled neurons,
Just her love spiraling the infinite world lines of sorrow.
Then on that fuligin day of his sentencing,
she cried, his freedom or her death by starvation!
Now here she lies, our dear Zebedee Yamilla.

I had in mind  for while now a short story  that would be a series of letters between a lovestruck female genius and a menacing serial killer on death row.  Not quite gotten round to writing it because the voices of the characters aren’t clear to me yet.  At first the serial killer I had in mind was  rash and crude, and so obviously a sexist creep.  But that’s too easy.  Quite a few serial killers on death row are charming, and if not all of them have rabid female admirers.

Night Stalker Ramirez married a journalist in prison, divorced years later, and at the time of his death in 2013, was engaged to a woman half his age.  Depressing really, but the world works in mysterious ways.  Anyway the poem is just a prelude to the short story.


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