Free and notable on the kindle today

Amazon has changed it so that  I can’t look at 60 covers at a time. This makes browsing the free books a painful experience. Also it disadvantages the books in lower search ranks.

Anyway, moving on. I trawled the Gay and Lesbian section. I know that one needs to communicate, “GAY SEXZ here” on your book, but when every book has the same cover of  half naked twinks, I tend to skip them because I assume that the story mirrors the cover’s lack of originality.  Famously Fifty shades of Grey has a non racy cover, I’ll bet that the sedate cover was instrumental for its success.  I suppose it’s a tussle, drawing people with sexy covers, or going for something more muted so that shy readers can dive in. I think though this is a differential strategy.  If your hot gay sex book will be displayed mostly among books of different genres, then I think the “GAY SEXZ here” cover is optimal. However if you book will be mostly displayed among other LGBT books then I’d think that the “GAY SEXZ here”cover is subobtimal. How does your book stand out from other books of similar content?  but what would I know? Some authors said their sales doubled when they put two half-naked men on the cover. I suppose it just means that you can’t underestimate how much sex sells. Moving on.

So here is an LGBT book, Gold Standard by Kyell Gold rated 4.4 stars.

I don’t think the cover is great.  I think the cover risks more than it needs to, drawing the wrong reader.  But the cover is different, it hints to me that the author is a different too.  Frankly I was drawn to the title because of its hints of finance.  Sadly the book isn’t finance and such, just a collection of gay themed  shorts.  Free now as of 12/15/12.

In the same of striking different covers of LGBT books, here is The Diary of Dakota Hammell by Kody Boye. And The Tragedy of Louis Décor also by Kody Boye.  Both free.

I’m a sucker for anime, so here goes a free Manga title, Fighting Yamako-chan #1 by Tom Ramirez.

Renaissance and trippy cover equals BIWINNING! Am I allowed to say that anymore?  Anyway look at the book A Famine of Horses: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery (Sir Robert Carey Series) by P.F. Chrisolm.


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