Free and notable on the kindle store today.

Ok, I was trawling through the free ebooks today.  Some of the covers caught my eyes. Like this one, Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls Series, Book 1).
Girls with swords always get my attention. This is Supposedly a romance, looks ostensibly YA.  Might worth a look at free, even though I’m not a YA reader.

And oh, there’s the Amanda Hocking book,Hollowland (The Hollows, #1), free today.  Who knows when it might revert back to paid.

Here’s a strange book, Rita – A Love Story.  As of posting this, it has an exact 3.0 rating because it has one one star, one two star, one three star, and so on. I find that it’s funny.  The cover is catching too.  Clearly an Nigerian girl on the cover.

This is interesting in a weird way. I don’t believe in soul mates, such beliefs skirt too much in the religious metaphysical territory.  The universe chugs along without care on what we humans do or don’t do.  Soul mates, karma, fate, are, I think, wonderfully indulgent and presumptive ideas. However, this book,The Life of Meyer (Meant to Be), written by a male author, would have me think seriously about the idea of a soul mate. What can I say, the cover is eye-catching though.


Finally this book,Freeing a Tiger’s Soul (Tiger Series), has the funniest cover today.

Yep, that’s an axe in his pants. How does that work?  I won’t be downloading that, but it definitely drew my eye.

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