So where are all the free ebooks in the kindle store?

If you have played on Amazon search long enough, you’d realise that their search isn’t very robust.   For example, what if you want only dollar books, or two dollar books, or books under five bucks?  You could sort your search.  But to get the list of one dollar books requires you to jump through the search pages, and even then Amazon doesn’t let you jump pages, you have to click through every single page.  You have to change the page number on the url itself to jump pages.  I doubt the average customer knows that.

Suppose you wanted to look for discounted books, or books with free shipping? Good luck.

Free ebook searches are somewhat easier. You could look at the top 100 free books..  But what about the rest of the free books on Amazon?. Even if you put ‘free’ search word, you get both free and non-free books together, so you have to sort by price.  Anyway, here are some convenient links to all the free ebooks, not just the top 100. You could do an image view instead of a list view to see 60 books at a time. Very handy.

Free Fiction

Free Romance

Free Fantasy

Free Science Fiction

Free Mystery/Thriller


Free Historical Fiction

Free Literary Fiction


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