The Count of Monte Cristo

I’m slowly making my way through the book.  I can see why it’s riveting. It is intelligently plotted, although a little on the melodramatic side. The one thing I noticed was its narrative structure.  Dumas almost never resorts to exposition to reveal character interior or to move the pace a long.  He depends heavily on dialogue, and  in some cases too much on dialogue.  Reading goes fast. However, the preponderance of dialogue makes the reading a little tedious.  He has to make characters talk to each other just to reveal certain things. The characters resort to unnatural dialogues just to reveal backstories. And Dumas has to reveal relatively important but boring details through dialogue, which can make for uninteresting conversations.   For example, I thought the first chapter was pretty boring to read.

Negatives aside, the plot is riveting. Dumas has a great cast of characters.


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