Primer on writing trash.

There was a gay erotica that I had planned to put on my profile on a adult fanfiction website to draw horny readers to my profile. The storyline is trashy enough.  Go game Teacher(40 years old)  and younger student (20)  get it on.  They find go bliss and lovely sex for the end of their days.

But sigh.  Crazyfish needed to get smart.  First the characters needed be interesting and sympathetic.  Can’t have Heathcliff and Catherine archetypes.  Because of the depth and the backstories, it isn’t a sweet sex story anymore.  It became a study in the HUMAN CONDITION(sorry)

Then the writing got well…Crazyfish. (I can’t help it.  I really really really like to play with my words. It’s fun)

Right, I can’t write in first person pov.  I just find it such a self-conscious perspective to use.

Then of course the sex, nope can’t write sex scenes without sarcastic overtones.  Even worse, I can’t write intimate gushy romantic sex. (what’s that?  The world’s a cold hard place, my friend)  I should also mention that I can’t do happy endings.  I just can’t imagine, rather won’t let myself imagine a happy ending for the relationship of a 40 year old with a 20 year old.

So I have the hacked  up remains of a something…literary(I used this word with great trepidation)  lets call it, a heartfelt contemporary drama about men finding attraction and then going their seperate ways after having learnt some life’s lessons.  I have two chapters posted.  I think it is lovely myself, Go, love, complexity, clear character arcs, no whining nonsense,  just not titillatingly lovely.

But I read this article. Another fifty shades of grey look alike is selling like hotcakes.

Sigh Crazyfish shall not be moved from the goal of trashy novel.  So I have decided, to change the gay plot to a straight relationship. trashy here it comes.  So we have smoking hot, forty year old female Go teacher going after the hunkalicious twenty old millionaire male student. The male student happens be a dom.  Cougar Catherine and twink Heathcliff. They marry.  Yes they do. And the male student remains faithful for all his days despite all the freshman tits around him.

Now if only I can make myself write in the first person pov of a forty year old woman.


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