So I read it, Wuthering Heights that is.

I was expecting some really melodramatic love story  but the main love story  between Catherine and Heathcliff was concluded by half the book. I read it all in one setting. The story itself isn’t a rousing romance as much as it is a study in romantic madness.  It is only about 400 pages.

Anyway, I admired most about the book was its narrative technique.  The story is told from the pov of minor characters. This technique is the reason, why I was able to stick through such a melodramatic tale to the end.  Catherine and Heathcliff are very strange characters. I found them unlikable, barely sympathetic, and incredibly mental.  But because their story was told from the pov of other characters, I think was able to stomach reading about them. If it had been a first person narrative from their pov, it would have been too strange for me to read.

Some find the entire cast of characters to be psychopathic. I am partial to that view. Even though they act inhuman too many times, I still was able to sympathize with much them. THough, Heathcliff was  strange one. I felt sorry for him at first then middle of the book, completely hated him but in the end of again, managed to find some smidgen of sympathy.

I found the passivity to Heathcliff’s brutality very off-putting.  Heathcliff never gets his comeuppance for the all the pain he caused in the pain.  That was definitely a let down.  But it was enough, I suppose, that his reign of terror at Wuthering heights ended.

I’d you should read Wuthering Heights more for the narrative technique and less for the story.


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