Wattpad musings

Ok I have surveyed the strange land that is Wattpad.  For an old person like myself, I find the teenage landscape alien, especially the teenage girlishness of it all.  The good thing is that praise is often heartfelt and pure and enthusiastic but the praise isn’t something to be proud of.  I have read a lot bad writing.  too much bad writing.   Certainly not my cup of tea.  They take gushiness to another level.

The average fiction on wattpad  is shittier than the average fiction on Autonomy.  I tried some promotion which means I have read a lot of it.  I force myself to give good comments.  I can only praise the spirit and drive to be creative. I couldn’t even begin to give a constructive critique.  It would take reams of paper to explain why the so and so fiction fails.  I could only suggest that they actually read books, real books, not angsty shit.  Anyway, I try.  But I can’t make myself do that anymore.

There is good stuff on wattpad. You just have to look hard for it.


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