The help, movie

I saw the film a few days after hearing  how many awards it had won.  I wasn’t too much of a fan of it really.  I think  I am objected to the rather cavalier way in which racism was treated.  Actually, It was the Skeeter character. I hated her.  She put me off the film entirely.  She was such a Mary Sue character.  She is independent.  She wants works.  She holds to the right views.  She’s feisty.  Mary Sue.  Condescendingly so, when she begins to the interview the maids.  Also it struck me that the stakes of writing the book for Skeeter, paled in comparison to the maids’.

Also I found the housewives for the most tritely unlikable.  It was obvious you were supposed to hate them.  No substance to them all.  Nothing compelling from their viewpoint.

And the racism angle was laughable.  Especially towards the end, when the white guy tells Minny that she can have a job for the rest of her life.  I cringed at that.  Hurray, she can be a maid for life.  Hurray…

Abilene was compelling.  Minny was caricaturish.

I understand, it was meant to be a lighthearted story during violently racists times, but really it failed for me on so many levels.  But hey, the book was bestseller. The film had great reviews.  Yeah, I’m beginning to find that my tastes don’t align very much with the public’s.


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