Paypal and erotica blues

Well I’m libertarian and such I worry more about censorship imposed by the state rather than censorship by private actors. But these days I wonder after I heard news about Paypal refusing sales of erotica with questionable themes from ebook distributors.

There are other alternatives to Paypal, albeit smaller and more expensive alternatives. It would be interesting if the smaller payment processing companies stepped up the plate and offer their services to the ebook distributors.  Money calls.  But distributors don’t care too much to use them.  They get to claim a morality high card.  And since most people don’t care for the questionable content anyway, they are none too ruffled about losing money.

Look, I am not quick cry censorship.  No one is entitled to have their books published. Paypal and these bookstores have a right to determine what sort of books they want to sell.  And Authors are free to sell their content on their own website.  However, the shrinking of the marketplace for ideas is chilling.



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