Looking for new material.

I’m always on the look out for new material.   The problem is my ideas of what interests the wider public and what interests me are don’t have much of a shaded middle.  People prefer light-hearted genre stories, some character development but not too much, something of an easy read, certainly don’t make them work too hard.  The things I like to read are becoming more and more obscure. I find I don’t have much patience of genre books unless they grab me with their language.

So here I am, looking for ideas.  I have narrowed down  on few short story/novella ideas.  A killer nun. (Thank Black Lagoon for that)  I like the contradiction in that image.  The idea is loose enough that I have great leeway to be serious or be light as possible.  Nowadays, I’m leaning towards funny.  But I don’t quite have a story for it.  I just have an image of the nun, and her name is Consuela.  I imagine, a Lolita type opening.  Yeah, I need a plot.

Killer granny.  (Yes, I know)  This would be serious tone.  I imagined some sort of the  Turn of the Screw type of writing.  You know the serious first person pov that quickly devolves into a tale of a crazy motherfucker in high pretentious writing.  Appeals to me a lot.

I had some old idea of an absentee Father who goes on some mission and runs into his son whom he had abandoned, and then discovers his son is dying.  Ok, Ok. this already is turning into a literary snooze fest. But you admit that is a emotional story, right.  Oh righty.  If I don’t add in a action plot of some kind or some kind of bells and whistles, I might not be able to save the idea.  Though I have been thinking of a sci-fi world for this.

What else?  Oh yeah, an private Eye has to find a dog.  Ok, I have conceived this on the humorous side of things.

I’m trying to branch out into horror, especially psychological horror a la Stephen King.  I think my writing gravitates to the dark side of human psyche.  As always, I need the good ideas.

So that is on my mind.  What should I write about?


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