Alan Hollinghurst, The Spell

I am half way through the book.  And I am getting rather attached to the Alex character.  He  is a lot like Nick in the line of Beauty.  Loyal, sweet, well-meaning, but utterly and dangerously naive.  You are happy in he’s fallen in love.  But it’s all wrong.  The partner, Danny is wrong for him.  Too young, nothing in common.  You see clearly it is that is just lust that so completely disguised as love.  You want it to work for Alex. But it really can’t.  You know it would end horribly and it would hurt like shit when the damn thing ends.  But it is coming.

I suppose this really speaks to knowing yourself and not getting yourself enraptured that you miss reality.  Danny is so wrong for Nick.  He is young, like to takes drugs, likes to party.  Alex is in his mid thirties, a stuffy office worker, likes opera, likes fine things.  Not one for the stereotypical gay life of raves and nightclubs and orgies.  You are happy that Alex is at last living life per se but really the glamourous life isn’t all that is cracked up to be.

Anyway, yeah, if you like literary fiction, get The Spell.  I prefer this to his booker award winner. it has more characterization and more plot.


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