erotic fanfic

I have a profile at It is interesting. There is a lot of stories dedicated to fanfiction and erotica. Personally, not a fan of erotica. I prefer to watch people get it on, rather than read it. Also I also really object to fanficton. Not because of the legal quandrary of appropriate another’s characters for your own enjoyment, but because I really prefer to have the original characters be unaltered for sexual purposes. I don’t need to watch Bleach or Naruto and imagine pairings and intense sexual fantasies. I think it detracts from the enjoyment of work. It almost feels wrong to have Frodo and Sam fuck each other. Really, really feels wrong.

The original artist had an intent and a theme. The eroticised fanfictions cheapen the intent and theme. I think of graffit.

I do understand that fanfiction is primarily a way for fans to connect with other fans. If people want to do fanfics on over my work, I would be ecstatic. It at least shows that I am engaging an audience, and I can start charging the high prices for my precious art. 🙂


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