new novella

Wow, I just like churning out tomes in the space of a few weeks and then wither at the humongous editing needed.  Well, I scrawled a novella, mandate of Kendan. I had a lot of fun with this one.  There are quite a few action scenes.  A few sword fights.  I love them swords.  Not much by way of romance. And for some reason, it ends up being gay oriented in the end, even though the themes are far broader.  And it is written in first person too.

I had been reading quite a bit on Alexander the Great and a story loosely based on his life swirled in my head.  Actually, I was more interested in stories of men who become larger than life but really are very unlikable.  That morphed into a story in which a narrator watches on the sidelines a revolutionary figure or freedom fighter in the making, like a Napoleon or an Alexander the Great.  First there is the excitement of topping the old guard, then gradually disillusionment sets in.  The new guard becomes the old guard, or rather the new guard become more barbaric than the old guard. The narrator watches innocence die as the carnage pile up to attain their ideals. The freedom fighters become too lost in the violence of it all.  Then the narrator kills the leader because the narrator has become so disillusioned with the easy violence, and paradise will never come.  They have lost too much to gain so little.

In many fantasy series, revolution occurs and there is a new golden age of good.  This is very, very unrealistic.  Throughout the history, revolution rarely ends well.  Freedom fighters rarely sustain their youth idealism.  Instead, they either become corrupt themselves and join the old guard or they end up being fanatically violent for a ultra pure ideal.  Even if they archieve their ends, they would have done so many shady things just to attain freedom.

That is all so philosophical but hopefully one can see the potential for a rich drama here.  There’s not much in the way of romance.

Generally,  I don’t care too much for romance.  Not because I’m trying to be serious or high brow but because I’m much too dark on such things.  When there is attraction, it is because there is some underlying psychosis or internal flaw that makes the character like each other.  Character gravitate toward each other because they are broken and out of need, not because of sweet feelings. So relationships tend be more sexual than romantic.

There, mandate of Kendan.









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