Ok ok, Fitzgerald is my favorite writer.

Why?  He is funny.  His prose style is verbose and beautiful and poetic.  And he is still funny.  He indulges in the long sentences and overly flowery prose but oh man, it takes my breath away.  Yep, I want to be like him when I grow up.

Today one would pretty much have to be a genius to  get away with writing like him.  Many readers do not have patience for long sentences and purple prose. Ok, there is Cormac McCathy.  But I find his style to be… like that of an idiot savant really.  He spends so much too time crafting sweeping descriptions that characters and plot just fall by the way side.  And even then his descriptions are repetitive.  Nature. Mostly nature being in the utter shit. If he had taken the pains to apply his descriptive flair to character exposition, then we would be talking.  And get me started on his lack of punctuation and his fetish for ‘and’s.

And you all get back to writing.


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