New novel, Dust for Gold

I marathoned a 55,000 word manuscript Dust for Gold in two weeks.  The editing needed is atrocious but by churning it out, I was able to see characters arcs, I wanted, the themes and the ending. Believe me, it is a lot better to blech out rather than plan till thy kingdom come.

What is the premise?  A Nigerian-american couple are struggling with faith, their children’s expectations and a marriage.  The wife think the marriage is ok, but worries a lot that her children are backslidding.  The husband thinks the children are generally ok but believes his marriage is what is suffering.

Add in the a potent Nigerian Evangelical Christianity that borders on supertitious.  And add in a Andrew who refuses to let Husband to wallow in his judgemental attitudes on his gay lifestyle.  And it becomes clear that coasting on to a tepid marriage with the wife isn’t for him anymore. And the husband must navigate to what he wants.

The tone of the book is part elegiac, farcical and hyperbolic.  I’m stuggling at the moment to make the wife likable.  She is fiercely religious, and independent which can turn a lot of people. The husband is a passive, incredibly so but he has so much feeling that its almost painful.

As for writing style, I try to keep voices unique to each viewpoint.  Certainly taxes on my imagination.   The wife has overblown tone, that is sprinkled liberally with KJV bible verses.  the husband is more poetic, a distant tone.  he observes his surroundings obesessively. Andrew is supposed to have a spastic, snappy tone to him.

I hope that in writing this,  I can come back to my previous novel with better eyes.



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