India and suicides

I read a ghastly report in the Times of India today, something like a 500 suicides farmers occurred in the first half of this year because of bad weather, bad rain, and bad loans.  Even more ghastly are the reports of big loans because the farmers need to provide dowry for their daughters.  And when said dowry cannot produced, the young daughters go on ahead and kill themselves to spare the their families.

What sort of impotent culture is this? I refused to understand the thought process: poor me, my parents cannot sell their souls to provide money for my dowry. Poor me, I will be unmarried and therefore a shame on my parents. Poor me, what man will marry me if I do not pay him.  Poor me, why can’t I leave my house and get a job that provide a dowry. Poor me, I must kill myself and remove the shame.  Poor fucking me.

Yes, yes, I understand the myopic environment that marinates that sort of thinking, lack of education, lack of mobility from village from cities to find jobs, a obscene obsession of with honor, the abysmal abdication of the state in providing security and transparent, corruption free services.  I understand.  But not really.  Her despair, the feeling of her hands cut off, her limbs tied; she could not look outside her window, see the vastness of the sky and think hope or freedom.  That is a failure of culture.  That really is a failure of humanity.


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