India and potatoes

I am in India at the moment.  I will probably be here for a year or so.  For now, I have a variety of complaints but the foremost, lets talk about the food.  I take food from a mess hall.  The meal gives two sides of some kind of curry (all vegetarian), a side of dal ( souped lentil), a side of rice and roti (thin whole wheat pancakes).  At least one of the sides of curry has potatoes in it.  Some days, we get a double helping of potatoes. And the food is vegetarian. I have quickly grown tired of potatoes.

In the States, I thought of potatoes as useless carbs. I did enjoy french fries from a fast food outlet probably because I enjoyed the food additives in the french fries more than that the potatoes itself. Anyway, I stuck with potatoes for lunch and dinner. For a period, there was even potatoes for breakfast in the form of a some kind of potato curry with parathas.  Anyone email me a proper English breakfast please?

Procuring meat is a complex process in my Indian part of the woods. They do not eat beef so I have find chicken or goat meat, and I have to find a clean source of fresh meat. That is too complicated, so for now I am stuck with potato curries.


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