Anime impressions, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Idea: a hardworking but poor college boy gets money in exchange for fighting useless Yugi-oh style card battles. Somewhere in this anime is an indictment  of  the financial crisis.

The protagonist(Kumimaro) is obsessed with working hard to earn a cushy civil servant job, where he can live the normal life, with a normal wife, normal kids and be a normal bitch to a boss who makes ten times more money than him.  However, he is poor so he has to work twice as hard than his rich classmates.  His love interest also is rich, her tuition fully paid for by her father, and her boyfriend is rich as well.

All is good until he visited by a creepy but comely man who offers him 500000 Yen to be part of a strange game.  And I thought, great, we will get see some economic games and puzzles right?  Nope instead, Kumimaro has an ‘asset’  a boobless moe that fights for him against other assets of other players.  In these fights or ‘deals’, if you beat your opponent, you  get all of their money.   Kumimaro shows his awesome genericness by caring for his asset as opposed to the other players who treat their asset like shit.

Kumimaro’s pet wins against a veteran player with some ridiculous power move, called ‘mezzoflation’ ???  Is mezzoflation in anyway related to inflation?  Well, if you think inflation is scorching your opponent with holy fire.

I was excited to see this anime because a financial thriller, Japanese style is an interesting idea.  Instead, I got another card battle style anime with finance buzz words.  Worse, we have anime fans who strain to look for parallels with the financial world with this silly anime.  But most anime are silly and gimmicky.

What can I say of the Kimimaro character then?  He is hardworking.  He is nice to his asset.  He does not want to be stinking rich. He is boring.

The visuals are very engaging.  The vibrant colors and characters designs are good but nothing to rave about. The anime still is a cut above the moe crap that fills this season.  I would recommend you watch it.


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