Story beginnings

Strange how my foray into writing began.  I have been reading fantasy for a long time but after a while, the stories began to fall flat for me.  I did not like character arcs and I got the distinct feeling that I could do better than this.  So I tried and I could not.

I hated writing in high school, avoided it college  and it came back to haunt me in graduate school.  I needed to learn how to write well for my research papers.  I thought dabbling in creative writing would improve my scientific writing skills.

The first thing I worked on was an alternate death fable, how death came in the world sort of  story.  I did not make  too much headway with that because I needed to reimagine my universe.  These days I have been thinking more about world building for that story.  I will work on it some more.

After watching enough vampire anime, and getting annoyed with the trite, overly dramatic character development (Hello, Vampire Knight)  I got obsessed with writing  my own vampire fiction.  Actually, I had this prompt of a very old vampire who adopts a human child.  I was interested in the relationship sparks between human and beast.  Out of that grew, Edjya, Alderic and Guy.  I liked creating quirky character with their own buzz words.   Alderic loved to refer to his long dead Veronique, Guy like to refer to his dick.  Edjya was a sourpuss.

The story, I called  ‘Demonspawn’ is finished.  Sentimental in feeling, inspired by a lot of anime.  It did not even follow the traditional vampire characteristics.  Certainly not Twilight in feeling.  It was angsty enough because I was exploring the themes of family and identity and parental issues. It is more character-driven than plot driven.

I wrote several drafts of that book before leaving it off to begin writing about Claude and Guy.  I do not even remember how their story got started.  I suppose it began with  the prompt: blood for Latin lessons. And there the story, God and Man came into being.


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