Silver Lake by Peter Gadol

Good book in the end. I recommend it.

The book centers around two architects, Robbie and Carlos who are involved. They have settled in a 20 year relationship in Silverlake. A drifter, Tom, invites himself into the house and he soon becomes a very engaging character for a day. He goes from needing help with his broken down car to tennis with Robbie, steals a kiss from him, then a full dinner and he stays over for the night. However the next morning, Robbie and Carlos awake to see something really terrible.

The book is mainly about how the couple try to make sense of the violence. Robbie disengages from life for a while, then tries to make sense of what happened. Carlos hides himself in work and prefers not to think of what happen. Their differing approaches tears their bond apart.

The prose is simple to read for a literary novel. It is a muted style. Still it is engaging. It makes for a very quick read. Personally, I would have like more imagery, more complexity in the writing.

The need to understand exactly what happened, drives the tension of the book. Also, I rooted for the men to get over their hump and strengthen their relationship. I actually cared for the men. There are no real unlikable characters in the book.


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