lambda literary award books

I have been browsing through the back log of lambda literary winners. I bought  Silver Lake, by Peter Gadol. I will buy The River In Winter, by Matt Dean. It  also has a three dollar kindle version.   Most of the other winners either had either no kindle versions, worse, they had no preview activated on Amazon.  It is shocking that niche authors didn’t take advantage of  technology to grow their readership.  The winning books from past years were even just as technologically ignorant.  It is quite appalling really the lack of initiative on the part of the authors and publishers to take advantage of every opportunity to grow readership effortlessly. If you are author with an out of print backlog, placing these books on kindle platform is almost free money.

Other winning works had the ridiculous price of 10 dollars for the kindle version.  I can’t pay that dearly for an inferior gated electronic version when there is usually a paperback version trading at one cent right underneath the kindle 10 dollar version.

When I see the disparity of prices, I consider a utility calculus that I would have otherwise glossed over if the price was cheaper.  Do I really want to pay 10 bucks when I can wait another week and get the same book for 4 bucks?  Is the writing really worth the ten bucks?  Do I care to wait another 2 weeks for the paperback? At the end of  all that meditating, I don’t buy anything. Now, if the electronic version were priced 3 bucks or even 5  or 7, I skip the calculus straight to the checkout.  So Gadol get my dollars, Dean gets my dollars.

Hopefully, I can review their books honestly and attract more readers. More on that later.  For now, Silver lake is reading well.


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