Some Martial epigrams today

“You wear bought teeth, and bought hair, Laelia, without a blush. What will you do for an eye? You cannot buy that.” Book 12 Martial epigrams.

Ok, here is the thing about free translations of Martial lying about of which there are plenty, they are prudish and they leave out the naughty bits.  There is a recent translation of selections by Garry Willis, and the reviewers on Amazon complained it was too racy, wtf ?????

Thanks to reviewers like that we have Roger Pearse , who in his prudery declares, “I do not believe that most people who read Martial will feel any sorrow at these omissions.  To read Martial is to walk with him along the streets of ancient Rome; but few of us need accompany him when he bathes in the sewers.”

How in the fuck can anyone say that with a straight face in this day and age? This reminds me of the bowdlerized versions of Shakespeare, Bowdler himself must have such a stupid fuck like Pearse. I can’t inveigh against Roger Pearse too much, because he has done a good job of collecting the all poems (the tame ones) on his website. He even marks all the epigrams that were not translated.


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