I came across a discussion in originality in writing. I can see how this is a struggle when writing science fiction and writing. I think digging into old stories, reading mythologies of various lands will sharpen the imagination. In the west, we are used to Greek mythologies. I think there is much to gained from reading mythologies from other cultures. It is mind boggling what people come up with.

I also think that originality in world building is overrated. What is exciting to me is the characterization and the engagement of the characters. Focusing on the unique voices for your characters will go a long way to making well-worn tropes fresh again to the reader.

But what I do know? I am currently writing a novel, which includes a male whore, a vampire and all in renaissance France. Certainly not a very original because of the vampire. But I find inspiration in the times and the characters. I think more on the level of existential musings than on the details of blood. Even if you hate vampire stories, I think my work will draw you in because it is a work on the human condition.


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