Remember when all else fails, there is always kindle

Amanda has sold 100000 copies!

It helps if your first chapter isn’t riddled with errors and has good-enough, immersive prose.

It really helps if you are writing in a popular genre.  She mentions in her blog that she researched what trends were popular in YA fiction and wrote to  fit the trends.

She really can grind out a novel in two weeks (I could, it would be total shite, the revision process would take another 6 months)

Her books are cheap, $3. Cheapness facilitates impulse purchases.  Write a smoking hot first chapter, with an awesome cliffhanger. Watch people like zombies drop the three bucks just to read the second chapter.

It helps not to be lazy about good marketing through book blogs and social media.

Personally her writing style doesn’t appeal to me however she had done really well for herself given that her first books were passed over by agents and publishers. I salute you, Amanda Hocking.

So remember if after 1001 rejections, no one wants your little darling, at least make the book work for you and put it on kindle, (hopefully someone does think your work is interesting).  Afterwards, go write an even better book.


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